10 Most Comfortable Work Shoes 2018

There are many reasons that buyers search for shoes that will provide the highest level of comfort, but every single person wants to quickly see results from their purchase. While it is easy to see why someone would want comfortable work shoes it is much more difficult to know which products deliver the desired relief.

To reduce the amount of time you spend searching through all of the various options, we have created a list of the ten most comfortable work shoes that are available right now for the workplace. We have also included a range of tips and pieces of information that will make choosing the right work shoes for you even easier.

How to Tell Which Are Comfortable Work Shoes

With any shoes you should always follow a few steps to make sure they are right for you.

  • The Fit. Even the most comfortable work shoes can cause pain if they do not fit your feet properly. Make sure you get your feet measured and always check whether a certain brand of shoes usually run large or small.
  • Expert Reviews. As it is not always possible to try the shoes out before you buy them, it is a good idea to turn to those who have tried them out personally and those that know what they are talking about. Note all of the points in their reviews that they mention the comfort of the shoe.
  • Check Comfort Points. The main parts of the shoe that will provide comfort are the heel and the breathability of the material. Check both of these factors before you choose the pair you will buy.

Top 10 Comfortable Shoes Table

PictureNameType Of ShoePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameType Of ShoePriceRating (1-5)
1. Clarks Women's Enfield Tess Boot Boots$$$4.5
2. crocs Men's Sntcrzclncutlfr Loafer$4.5
3. Naturalizer Women's Danya Dress SandalHeels$4.5
4. Thorogood Men's 814-4200 American Heritage 6" Boots$$$$4.4
5. Dr. Martens 1461 Gibson Oxford ShoeOxford Shoe$$$4.3
6. Rockport Men's Eureka Walking Shoe Walking Shoe$4.3
7. Aerosoles Women's Dolled Up dress PumpHeels$4.2
8. Skechers for Work Men's 76690 Keystone Sneaker Sneakers$4.2
9. Lucky Women's Emmie Ballet Flat Ballet Flats$4.1
10. Rockport Men's Classic Lite Penny Loafer Loafer$$4.0

What You Need to Know

The term “work shoes” is a hugely broad one and, therefore, we have had to make sure our list reflects all of these differences. You will be able to find all types of shoes that provide comfort in varying ways and suit diverse situations.

Here are the types of comfort provided by the specific shoes included in our list:

  • Heels. There are some professions that require heels to be worn either on a daily basis or on regular occasions. Every person that has ever worn heels can understand just how uncomfortable this type of shoe can be. The comfort provided by these shoes on our list is focused on the right kind of support, which will allow the wearer to keep their shoes on throughout their workday.
  • Loafers. Even if the workplace requires a more formal shoe, this shouldn’t mean that comfort is sacrificed. These shoes are always beautifully crafted but are filled with intelligent design aspects that provide all the comfort you will need.
  • Walking Shoe. For those that will be on their feet all day or those that have positions that require a lot of moving around, walking shoes are perfect. The shoe must provide a tighter hold that prevents rubbing and must give all of the necessary support.
  • Sneakers. For the casual workplace, you will require the ideal balance between cushioning and support.
  • Ballet Flats. This is one of the hardest shoes to find in a comfortable form, especially ones that are suited for work, but it can be done. The focus of this type of shoe for comfort is all in the base of the shoe.
  • Boots. Boots that are suitable for work can range from steel-toed construction-style footwear to fashionable yet durable leather and heeled boots. As a work shoe, they can actually be quite comfortable since they support your feet and your ankles to provide total stability.
  • Oxford. This classic men’s work style is made to be both professional and comfortable by companies that only use the softest leathers and highest quality materials. This often makes this kind of shoe more expensive but means it will also last much longer.

Top 3 Most Comfortable Shoes Reviews

1. Clarks Women’s Enfield Tess Boot

The Clarks brand is known for making comfortable shoes so it shouldn’t be surprising how comfortable their heeled Clarks Women’s Enfield Tess Boots are. These shoes have the stylish black leather and the stability you need to look professional and chic without your feet paying the price.

The rubber and cushioned sole with the soft leather make for the perfect combination of materials. It also means that these boots will last for many seasons of daily wear.

The difference with these boots is really the Ortholite insole that is made to ensure your feet are cradled even when there is a heel on the shoe.

2. crocs Men’s Sntcrzclncutlfr

The Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz loafer shoes are perfect to go with any daily work outfit you may be required to wear. These shoes can be paired well with a suit to make the look more casual or with a company polo.

This is a step away from the traditional leather oxfords that men are expected to wear to work in many places. This is a more comfortable and more flexible option.

These shoes are made from canvas, which already makes them more breathable and lightweight. They also have a cushy insole to make sure you feel like you are walking on air.

3. Naturalizer Women’s Danya Dress Sandal

The Naturalizer Women’s Danya heeled sandals are the perfect shoes for any professional, warmer weather look. The difference between these shoes and others is the comfort and the makeup of the sole.

First of all, the more elaborate straps mean that your foot stays firmly secure in these sandals. This makes them more comfortable right off the bat. Add in the smooth fit and incredibly cushioned sole and you have the most comfortable work shoes you have ever worn to the office.

Even with the size of the heel, you will not slip around and the balls of your feet will feel completely fine at the end of the day.

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