10 Best Sneakers for Men 2018

If you’re reading this, you understand that buying any sneakers is not a good idea.

You need to buy the best sneakers for men that are comfortable, look good, and can support your feet during intense physical activity.

But how do you know which sneakers are right for you?

There are so many factors involved that we have to split the answer to this question into different sections.

First, we’ll figure out what type of sneakers you need, then we’ll take a look at some of the highest ranked, bestselling sneakers and then we’ll review the top three to see what makes them stand out.

Things to Consider

It’s a no-brainer to consider the reasons why you’re buying the sneakers before you start your venture. Do you just want to keep up with the fashion trend, will you go out jogging, or will you use them for other exercise or outdoor activity?

Sneakers that are created to look good might not be the most comfortable, while shoes with extra cushioning and structure to handle impact might not be the best looking. Also, the seasons can dictate the type of ideal sneakers. For instance, in summers, you’ll want sneakers with excessive breathability, but in winter, you’ll also want your sneakers to keep your feet warm beside offering optimal performance.

Top 10 Sneakers for Men Comparison Chart

PictureNameMaterials usedPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameMaterials usedPriceRating (1-5)
1. Skechers Sport Men's EqualizerPadded collar, synthetic sole, memory foam insole$$$4.6
2. adidas Cloudfoam IlationLeather and fabric material, rubber sole, grippy rubber outsole$$$$4.6
3. Skechers Sport Men's Stamina NuovoSynthetic material, synthetic sole, shock absorbing midsole$$$4.5
4. adidas Originals Men's Samoa RetroLeather material, synthetic sole, textured toe bumper$$$4.5
5. adidas Originals Men's Campus FashionCoated leather material, rubber sole,$$$$4.5
6. adidas Originals Men's ZX 700 Leather/synthetic fabric, rubber sole$$$4.5
7. New Balance Men's MX608V4Leather material, rubber sole, internal shank$$4.4
8. ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5Synthetic fabric, rubber soul, rear foot GEL cushioning$$$$4.4
9. Skechers Energy AfterburnLeather and synthetic fabric, rubber sole, padded tongue and collar$$4.4
10. PUMA Adult Suede ClassicLeather fabric, rubber sole, padded tongue and collar$4.4

Buying Information

Here are a few factors that will help you narrow down your options and find the best sneakers for men:

  • Intended Activity. Men buy sneakers mainly for their outdoor activities. If your intended activity is walking or running, a comfortable insole with extended padding and breathability should be considered. Extra cushioning in the sneaker helps withstand the impact caused by long strides.
  • Durability. You want to get sneakers that will withstand harsh weather conditions and can be won over a long period of time. Consider the materials used to see how long a certain pair will last.
  • Shoe Size. Shoe sizes can vary with the different brands. So, make sure you know your size for the particular brand. When buying online, you might not be able to actually try the shoes, however, going through the reviews can help. It’s sane to order a slightly bigger shoe size than your size especially if you have never bought this brand before.
  • End of the Day Shoe Shopping. A smart approach is to buy sneakers, or any shoes for that matter, towards the end of the day because after being on your feet all day, the feet tend to swell. This will help you figure out a perfect fit that will leave your feet enough breathing and wriggling space.

Top 3 Best Sneakers for Men Reviews

1. Skechers Sport Men’s Equalizer

Topping our list are the Skechers Sport Men’s Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneakers. They are remarkably comfortable and can also be used for different activities other than running. The sneakers come with memory foam that has a removable insole. Also, these are breathable and lightweight making them suitable for long walks, jogs, and hikes.

They also offer good arch support, are quite stylish, and can be worn with almost anything and not clash. These come in different colors of gray, black, and brown giving you the option to choose one that tickles your fancy.

Above all, the inner sole is thick and does not break in the back once you slip them on your feet. The memory foam can be easily removed when you want to wash the shoes and also make the shoe comfortable for long wear.

Skechers Sport Men’s Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneakers are definitely a jack of all trades; they are stylish, comfortable, and can be used for a wide variety of activates, yet the price is reasonable, making them the most desirable shoes.

Despite their elegant and comfy design, they are extremely durable and are sure to last long, giving you worth every penny. Anyone who uses these is most likely to get hooked to them, and will probably never like any other shoes.

2. adidas Cloudfoam Ilation

The Adidas Performance sneakers are super comfortable and extremely lightweight. They are ideal for people who do long runs, intense physical activities or simply work long hours on their feet.

The air mesh padded tongue and collar make the shoe comfortable to walk and run in and also reduces any pain that comes with long wear as compared to other sneakers. The sneakers also have a rear quarter designed to enhance comfort during intense activity.

These have a good arch support, which makes it comfortable and secure. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoes are very stylish with 3-stripes printed and debossed. They have the modern basketball style and the cloudfoam springy cushioning, making this sneaker one of the ideal sneakers for men.

While these shoes offer nearly as good performance and depending on your personal preferences can be as good looking as the Skechers Sport Men’s Equalizer Sneakers, however, they aren’t as long-lasting, and that’s probably the only reason they’re on the second spot.

3. Skechers Sport Men’s Stamina Nuovo

These sneakers are ideal for walking and running long distances, and are the ideal choice for people with wide feet. The sneakers are considered casual footwear making them a versatile shoe for everyday wear.

The Skechers Sport Men’s Stamina Nuovo Cutback Lace-Up Sneaker are also known for their durability and can be worn for many years. The sneakers tongue has an easy on loop making it a favorite with those who like the easy to slide your foot in shoes. The traction and grip in the shoes are good and allows proper ventilation, thereby not making your feet hot when worn for long hours.

They also have an ideal arch support that makes the foot feel secure and above all comfortable. Most importantly they are stylish and also offer great ankle support making them one of the best sneakers for men.

They also have a couple of shortcomings. Firstly, they don’t have sufficient padding or cushioning on the inside, and your feet might feel tired soon after aggressive activity. Secondly, although the materials used are pretty good quality, the stitching tends to come undone.

Not a deal breaker, but something to take into consideration if you like these shoes.

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