6 Best Logger Boots 2018

If you are on a quest to find heavy duty boots that will comfort your feet while standing for long hours, but also protect them in the same time look no further. It can be a struggle to identify the right pair for you with so many products available on the market.

This guide will show you what the best logger boots are along with what things must be considered before you make the buying decision. Getting your hands on a pair of these will make your feet comfortable and protected.

Top Six Pairs of Logger Boots Table

PictureNameDescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameDescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
1. Chippewa Men's 9 Inch Bay Apache WP Steel Toe Super Logger BootLeather/ Vibram Sole/ Texon Insole/ Toes Protection/ Steel Toe$$$$5.0
2. Chippewa Men's 20085 BootLeather/ Vibram Sole/ 5 Iron Texon Insole$$$4.6
3. Chippewa Men's 6 Inch Rugged BootLeather/ Vibram Sole/ Lug Sole/ Reinforced Stiching/ Toes Protection$$$4.6
4. Carolina CA8825 Mens Lace to Toe Logger BootLeather/ Lug Sole/ Waterproof Scubaliner$$4.6
5. Men's Carolina® 8" 600 Grams Thinsulate™ Insulated Steel Toe Logger Boots WheatLeather/ Lug Sole/ Steel Toe/ Toes Protection/ Steel Shank$$4.6
6. Carolina Mens 8 Inch Waterproof Logger ST Copper BootsLeather/ Rubber Sole/ Steel Toe/ Toes Protection/ Steel Shank/ Waterproof$$4.5

How to Spot Exceptional Logger Boots

  • Protection. Logger boots should protect your feet from any unwanted injuries. A steel toe boot will have your toes protected in case a heavy load falls on them.
  • Comfort. The protective elements can add up and make the boot rather heavy. Although they have a comfortable design the weight can be a burden.
  • Price. Price is a factor, but it can be overlooked. After all you better be safe than sorry. Paying the extra dollars can save your money afterwards on that medical bill or time off from work.
  • Durability. Reinforced stitching, high quality materials, durable sole are some of the crucial features that make the boot durable. If the boots are waterproof that’s a huge plus.

Now let’s have a look at a pair of the best logger boots the market has to offer.

Top 3 Best Logger Boots Reviews

1. Chippewa 9 Inch Bay Apache

Chippewa Boot Manufacturing Company exists more than 100 years. Today it’s not an independent company, but you can still experience the quality, the durability and the value for money its boots can deliver.

This pair of boots is available in a long range of different sizes. With a heel height of 2.25″ your feet are way out of any cold that might be coming from the bottom. The soles are manufactured by none other by Vibram. They provide amazing grip and perform good on cold and warm weather.

A pair of these can last for a pretty long time if you don’t like to that on purpose. Even then you’ll have to put in a lot of effort. On top of this they’re made on US soil using the most advanced manufacturing processes. The toes are protected with a steel cap, but even with all of the protective elements the boots are still not that heavy. After a while you won’t even notice them since you’re going to be comfortable in them, warm and safe.

2. Chippewa Men’s 20085 Boot

A pair of these will make your working hours as easy as never before. Wearing them will ease the pressure off of your feet by transferring it equally on the whole surface. The 5 Iron Texon Insole provides arch support which lets you stand or move for a longer time with no pain in your feet. Having a high quality insole is crucial since it’s the main connection between your foot and the boot. Sometimes people complain about a pair of boots being bad when all they had to do is change the insoles.

They come with Vibram made lug soles that provide you with stability and a better grip on all kinds of surface. These as well as the 1st place holder are made in the USA. Let that be a guarantee for quality and your satisfaction. However, since they don’t have a steel cap to protect the toes they can only be ranked as 2nd on our best logger boots list.

3. Chippewa 6 Inch Rugged Boot

Unlike the previous two pairs, this one is compact and offers a lot more flexibility. You’ll be able to move around more freely than with tall boots. Although you may find them weird, believe me they are manly!

On top of this they are way lighter, but this compactness comes at a price. The sole is considerably thinner and your ankle is rather exposed. They are ideal for people who have to move around a lot without anything that can be danger for your feet. In addition to this since the soles are fairly thinner the insulation may not be enough to keep your feet warm on some extreme cold temperatures for a long period of time.

Chippewa are a manufacturer known for their dedication in producing high quality heavy duty boots. Getting your hands on a pair of these and your feet in them can only end well.

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