Best Glue for Shoes 2018

Are you tired of going to the cobbler for the smallest of separations in your shoes? Would you rather have a shoe glue at your home and fix up these minor issues yourself? If yes, then you are reading the right guide. In this guide we talk about how to identify the best glue for shoes and what factors to consider before buying.

In addition, we tabulate six of the best shoe adhesives and categorize them based on the situations where they work best. Further, we present a “Buying Information” section where we list the important factors you should consider before buying.

Things to Consider

Finding right glue for your shoes can be a tricky business and we often do not pay much attention to it. Part of the reason is their relatively low price and lack of information. It is worth noting that different shoe separations require different treatment. Also, an adhesive that works brilliantly in cold climate might underperform at higher temperature. Here we list few factors that need to be kept in mind while looking for the best glue for shoes:

  • Shoe type
  • Type of separation
  • Climate

Guide to the Best Shoe Glue Comparison Chart

Internet is full of adhesive products for shoes and each has plenty of literature targeted at convincing you of their superiority. In this section we try and make the choice easy for you by listing six top category shoe glue products that have given consistently good results.

PictureNameShoe TypesPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameShoe TypesPriceRating (1-5)
1. Boot-fix Shoe Glue: Repairs up to 12 Shoes, Boots and SandalsRubber/Vinyl$$$$4.9
2. Gear Aid Freesole Urethane Shoe RepairAll$$$4.5
3. Shoe GOO Adhesive-Clear-1 Fl.ozRubber/Work boots$$4.5
4. Shoe Goo, Black 3.7ozAll$$$4.5
5. Barge Glue Cement Rubber, Wood, Leather Glass, Cork, Metal 2 OzLeather/ Metal/ Rubber/ Glass/ Wood$$$4.2
6. Aleene's Leather & Suede Glue 4ozLeather/Suede$4.0

Buying Information

Shoe glues are specialized products and should not be confused with industrial grade adhesives, which is most often the case. Saving a few dollars is not worth it if it compromises on the way you dress up and present yourself to the world. Following factors should be kept in mind while buying shoe glue:

  • Shoe Type. Boots, formal leather shoes, running shoes, soccer shoes and other adventure/sport shoes are all made of different material and need different kind of adhesive treatment. Sport shoes are made of different material than boots and require treatment with appropriate glue.
  • Type of Separation. If a small portion of seam has come out, the choice of adhesive might not matter much but if we are looking at a sole that has come apart, it would require very specific treatment, as the material of a boot’s sole is entirely different to that of a running shoe and needs to be glued accordingly.
  • Climate. All glues do not perform in cold and warm temperature alike. In general, the warmer the climate, lower is the adhesive power of glue. If your area experiences extreme temperatures, it is advised to buy glue that has been proven to perform in all weather conditions. It might cost you more but it is well worth the investment.

Small separations over the seams of leather shoes might not be affected by the choice of adhesive but if the sole has come apart then it is worthwhile to carefully check the materials your chosen glue would work on.

Top 3 Best Glue for Shoes Reviews

1. Boot-fix Shoe Glue

Boot Fix Shoe Glue is the best glue for shoes available in the market. It forms a strong bond which can withstand extreme weather conditions such as cold, moisture and heat. It can be used on a variety of footwear such as sports shoes, boots, leather shoes and the like. The best part is it dries clear which allows you to use it on shoes of any color without worrying about those ugly smudges that inferior products are likely to leave.

It works well on dirty surfaces. Thus, you no longer need to clean the surfaces before drying them. It starts bonding almost instantly and settles well after an hour, though it is recommended not to disturb the bond for 24 hours. So, the next time you need to repair your office shoes, hiking shoes, boots, running shoes or pretty much any footwear, don’t think twice before buying these.

2. Gear Aid Freesole Urethane

This is another quality product for reattaching shoes that are used in extreme weather conditions. Unlike other popular (and less expensive) glues, this gives you quality repairs that last long. If you spend long hours on highly abrasive surfaces (tennis courts, rock climbing, etc.) and want your glue to last longer than 2-3 hours – as is the case with most of the glues – this one is highly recommended.

The only complaint one can have is that it takes a bit longer to dry and as a result, would seep through the tiniest of holes and cracks. However, using Control accelerator fixes this.

3. Shoe GOO Adhesive-Clear

Shoe Goo is a time tested adhesive that is perhaps the most popular choice for repairing rubber and work boots. It can also be used to coat shoelace ends to stop them from fraying. It has stood the test of time and has a long list of happy customers who got such a strong bond on their shoe soles that they outlasted the shoes!

It is highly recommended to use it on dry surfaces and this might not be an ideal product for extreme weather conditions.

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