6 Best Boot Dryers 2018

If you are looking for a boot dryer that will keep your boots and other garments bacteria and odor free soon you’ll find the perfect one for you. If you haven’t used this type of device so far it can be tricky to identify the model you need.

This guide will show you what the best boot dryer is and why that’s the case. In addition to this we’ll provide you with an in-depth analysis of the top 3 products the market has to offer making your final buying decision a lot easier.

Consider Before Buying a Boot Dryer

  • Capacity. Some boot dryers have 2 dry ports, others have 4. Those with 4 are usually more expensive, but you can dry your gloves while you have your boots drying as well or have to pairs of boots drying simultaneously.
  • Type of Heating. Boot dryers usually blow in the heat in the garment eliminating any odor or bacteria that might’ve already settled in the boot. However, there’s another type of boot dryers that radiates the heat. They’re more silent, but it may take them more time to fulfill their purpose.
  • Durability. The boot dryer works while your sleep or rest. Those long hours of running require the product to be of the highest quality able to perform for a long time with no malfunctions or breakdowns. Some of the listed products come with a warranty, usually 1 or 2 years.
  • Price. Depending on the quality of the boot dryer and its capabilities the prices can vary a lot. However, if you want the boot dryer to last longer than 1 or 2 seasons you should invest some extra cash.

Now, let’s see what the best boot dryer can do to make your footwear happy.

Top 6 Dryers for Boots Chart

PictureNameDistinctive FeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameDistinctive FeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
1. MaxxDry Boot, Shoe and Glove Dryer XL4 Garments simultaneously/ removable extensions$$$$4.7
2. PEET Dryer M97-FSB Original 2-Shoe Electric Dryer, Black2 Garments Simultaneously/ Silent$$4.7
3. PEET Dryer Advantage M07F 4 Shoe Electric Express Dryer4 Garments Simultaneously/ 240 minute timer$$$4.6
4. PEET Dryer Wader M97-WM 2 Boot Wader Electric Dryer With 12-inch Extensions2 Garments Simultaneously/ 12-inch extensions/ Silent$$4.6
5. DryGuy Wide-Body Boot and Glove Dryer4 Garments Simultaneously/ 180 minute timer$$$$4.5
6. DryGuy Thermanator Boot and Shoe DryerRadiant Heating/ Free standing - Wall mountable/ Energy Efficient$$$4.5

Top 3 Best Boot Dryer Reviews

1. MaxxDry Shoe Dryer XL

This is as good as it gets, the MaxxDry XL has the power and the means to keep your boots and gloves out of bacteria’s reach. It looks simple and naive, but this little fella will surprise you with its performance.

It has 2 longer dry ports designed to handle large and heavy boots or other type of garment and two shorter ones ideal for gloves. Once you’re done with your skiing session you’ll have your boots and gloves dried in one hour time. It’s a beast!

The MaxxDry eliminates all odors caused by perspiration and bacteria. This extends the useful life of your equipment and makes it more comfortable to wear the next day. Any moisture that might be present in the gloves or the boots deteriorates them and they become less comfy and less cozy.

The ball bearing motor is tested to work up to 80,000 hours. You’re not going to use it nowhere near as much, but it’s good to have a big buffer zone.

2. PEET Dryer M97-FSB Original

PEET Dryers are one of the most recognized on the market. This particular model has two medium length dry ports suitable for drying boots, shoes or other pieces of clothes.

It extends the life of your footwear and protects it from moisture. If you leave your boots with residue moisture inside it won’t take long before your boots start wearing off. Instead of having the nozzle blowing hot air focused at one spot it lets it disperse naturally with thermal convection. There’s no better way to do boot drying.

By keeping your footwear dry and odor free you also protect your own feet from any unwanted irritation caused by a variety of viruses and mold. If you’ve been having issues of this sort you should get your hands on a boot dryer as soon as possible. Another crucial factor that has to be considered is the affordable price. It won’t cost you much and you’ll have your footwear dry and ready for another round of skiing anytime.

3. PEET Dryer Advantage M07F

The PEET M07F Express dryer is fairly similar to the previous model; however, this one is a lot more convenient as it has 4 dry ports. With it you’ll get you equipment dry and ready for use in half the time. From our standpoint the price was rather big to go unnoticed; because of it this product sits on the 3rd place on our best boot dryer ranking list.

It comes with a 240 minute timer so you can place your footwear or your gloves on the dry ports, set the timer and relax. The timer will take care of the dryer. You can fix yourself a cup of tea and relax without worrying about turning the dryer off.

A boot dryer is a very good investment to make. With one of them you protect your skin from irritation, you extend your garments’ life and they’ll be odorless and bacteria free. If you can’t make up your mind take another look at table and choose the dryer you think will serve you best.

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