6 Best Black Flats 2018

Finding a cute, comfortable pair of flats is a challenge for many. You go into a purchase with the highest expectations and a few short months (or sometimes days) later, you find that it wasn’t really worth it after all. More money down the drain.

You can save yourself time and money on your next purchase by following our useful guide below, which highlights the six best black flats.

These shoes will make that little black dress hanging in your closet green with envy!

Things to Consider

Before you select a pair of flats, consider the following:

  • Fit. Finding the right fit can be a challenge. If the shoe flaps around as you walk, then it’s probably too big for your foot.

Make sure the heel isn’t too narrow or rigid, otherwise it will rub.

  • Fashionable, Comfortable. Which one should you choose? Sometimes it seems like you have to sacrifice one for the other, but remember that this is not always the case!

We’ve got some great suggestions below that combine both qualities, so have a look at our list to find some flats that you won’t want to take off of your feet.

Guide to the Best Black Flats Overview

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. BOBS from Skechers Women's Plush Peace and Love Flat$4.5
2. Puma Women's Zandy Casual Shoe$$$4.3
3. Crocs Women's Gianna Link Flat$$$4.2
4. Hush Puppies Women's Chaste Ballet Flat$$$$4.1
5. Lucky Women's Emmie Ballet Flat$$4.1
6. Breckelles Women's Faux Leather D'Orsay Pointed Toe Flats$3.9

Flats: What to Look For

Whether you get ballet flats, scrunch flats or just regular old flats, there are a few characteristics that you should look for as you shop:

  • Memory Foam. Shoe manufacturers have caught on in recent years and realized that we like comfort. Flats are cute, easy shoes to wear for a variety of seasons, so look for those with memory foam to keep you extra comfortable.
  • Material. Some black leather or black synthetic materials give you more of a formal look (those that are shiny or have shiny accents) while others help you to keep it casual. Select the material based on where you’ll be wearing them.
  • Toe Shape. You can opt for a rounded toe or a pointed toe.

Rounded toes will offer you a more casual look and pointed toes a more formal look.


A lot of you probably pack your bags and throw in some flats because their easy to combine with various outfits and they travel well.

While this is great, remember that if you plan to do a lot of walking, flats aren’t the way to go. Save them for the end of the day when you’re ready to head out to dinner or for a cappuccino in the morning and use some comfortable walking shoes or sandals for the rest of your trip.

Top 3 Black Flats Reviews

1. Skechers BOBS Plush

These shoes feature soft woven canvas uppers, which makes them unique among the other flats available.

The tucked toe with pleated front give you a casual, homey look and the memory foam insole make these extra comfortable: just like you’re walking on clouds. This gives slight arch support, which is saying a lot for a flat shoe, and it has a shock absorbing midsole. Great traction and comfortable fit.

It’s hard to beat a pair of BOBs when you’re trying to balance style and comfort! They’re the best black flats on our list, but if you are looking for something slightly more formal, then we have a few other suggestions below!

2. Puma Women’s Zandy

The Puma Zandy Ballet Flats compliment a variety of outfits due to the mixture of materials and textures that they have. A great pair to have in your shoe collection!

The opaque suede toe and hints of mesh on the side and heel give this flat a casual look, with the shiny synthetic material adding a touch of formality.

It has a lightly cushioned footbed and they have extra grip so you won’t slip and slide as you would with some flats.

Get a pair! You can wear them just about anywhere.

3. Crocs Women’s Gianna Link

Crocs used their signature Croslite material to create a pair of flats, and the result is fabulous. The decorative chain on the front keeps the shoe from looking too casual, making them great for the workplace.

The sizing may run a bit small, so you might need to get a half size up from your normal size, but overall these are a great option.

Overall, these are durable and comfortable, another great addition to your wardrobe!

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