6 Best Arch Support Sandals 2018

Unless you have flat feet, the lack of arch support in a pair of sandals can cause unnecessary stress to the ankles, knees, and spine.

Sandals are popular and worn year-round, so it is important to choose the best arch support sandals for a healthy stride without causing any pain.

If you’re having trouble finding right sandals with ideal arch support, we have a simple but very handy solution:

Here’s a list of the very best-selling, highest rated arch support sandals available on the market. We’ll also review the top three sandals for you below.

Top 6 Arch Support Sandals Chart

PictureNameMaterial usedPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameMaterial usedPriceRating (1-5)
1. Skechers Women's Reggae TrailwayLeather and fabric material with synthetic sole$4.7
2. Teva Women's TirraTextile and synthetic with synthetic sole$$$4.6
3. Montrail Women's Molokini II Synthetic material with synthetic sole$$$4.6
4. Vionic with Orthaheel Tide IISynthetic material with rubber sole$$4.5
5. Vionic Women's Bella IISynthetic with rubber sole$$$4.5
6. Vionic Women's Karina ToeSynthetic material with rubber sole$$$$4.5

Purchase Information

To find the sandals that offer you the desired experience and are the right fit for your feet, here are some areas to consider:

  • Choose Quality Material. High-quality materials mean longer life and better experience with your sandal. Leather, suede, and even fabric straps are all prime materials. Some synthetic options might hold up equally well.
  • Get the Right Fit. Comfort in sandals highly relies on you being able to pick the right size. The right size should have your foot smaller than the sole of the sandal and not overflowing from the sides. In the same light, your foot should not appear to be floating in the sandal.
  • Flexibility and Cushioning. Flexibility remains important even in sandals. It makes it easier to walk in the sandal and keeps the foot from getting tired. Moreover, you need proper cushioning for comfort at the heel and the ball of the foot. The best arch support sandals are made from a high-quality dense foam that offers equal portions of flexibility and cushioning.

Top 3 Best Arch Support Sandals Reviews

1. Skechers Women’s Reggae Trailway

Other than feeling good, this is by far the best arch support sandal that comes with a look to match. The combination of leather and fabric gives the sandal durability and ease of maintenance. It also features a synthetic sole and a heel that measures about one inch to offer sufficient support to your arch. It even fits well for people with a really high arch and instep, which is rare for a sandal.

In addition to ideal arch support, it features ideal thong-strap design, which allows for better fitting together with the adjustable hook. The best part is the ease of wearing and removing the sandal, and the comfort.

Having worn these sandals myself for a long time, I totally love the way it sticks to the foot when walking, instead of flopping around like other sandals without a back strap. The toe piece is very soft and doesn’t rub callouses or blisters.

If you’re a beach lover, the sandals will stay on even when walking on sand, because of the traction that is built-in to the textured soles of the sandal. They don’t slip in mud or water either. You could call this an all-terrain sandal that can go anywhere.

For ventilation and added comfort, the footed is perforated for ventilation. You might have to pay a slightly higher price, but the Skechers Women’s Reggae-Rasta Thong Sandal is definitely worth it and one purchase that you won’t regret.

2. Teva Women’s Tirra

The Teva Women’s Tirra comes in a wide range of attractive and highly appealing colors. Unlike some of the best arch support sandals, this one is slightly sporty. It is built to offer mobility while enhancing comfort and ventilation.

The sporty sandal employs multiple straps with a hook and loop closure to make fastening and removing easier. The textile and synthetic material used to make the sandal gives it an aesthetic appeal and durability.

The multiple straps make the sandal a custom fit. There are no gaps in the support because you adjust the sandal to your own foot. The Teva Women’s Tirra Athletic Sandal fits a narrow foot and a wide foot, which makes it very versatile for women with feet issues.

If you have bunions or rough places, the super soft footbed is soothing and like walking on a foam pad.

Even though the sole is not made of rubber, it is still able to offer substantial support with a long shelf life to give you value for money and the comfort you need while wearing the sandal. Note that the “W” on the box stands for Women and not the width size of the shoe like it does with other brands.

3. Montrail Women’s Molokini II

Simplicity and elegance are the two main features of this arch supporting sandal. It’s basically a recovery sandal featuring two-tone layered thong strap for comfort and elegance with a low profile and a slip-in and slip-off design. The lightweight nature of the sandal is ideal to be worn for long hours without any fatigue to the legs.

The sandal is entirely synthetic, with a synthetic sole. The footbed is moldable to allow for custom arch support with a fluid foam midsole that ensures your foot arch has a soft landing every time your foot and the sandal meet.

The lightweight structure of this sandal and the brilliant colors are two features that catch the viewer’s eye immediately. If you aren’t too sure about the “place in the microwave and mold to your foot” footbed molding instructions, you’ll feel like you have a custom orthodontic sandal.

The impressive collection of features ensures comfort, durability, and impressive aesthetics so you can wear the Montrail Women’s Molokini II Flip-Flop Sandals to the beach, park or even on your morning walk. The only major issue with these sandals is that they can soak up plenty of water and take a while to dry. They run a little large so be aware of the sizing when you buy it.

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